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Documentary Mondays || Fiction Tuesdays

Czech Center is launching a new season of not just one, but two projects. If you like cinema, you´re going to like this too!

Czech Center Bucharest has started a new season of two projects. Documentary Mondays goes a long way back – the first season was organized at the Czech Center twelve years ago and it has been a great success. It offers various movies along 6 weeks. Every Monday there is a special projection waiting for you. Unlike the previous seasons, this fall we do not have a specific theme or topic, but we want to present you a large scale of different techniques and you will get to see documentaries about almost anything – and we really mean anything – ranging from cyborgs to hippies in the Soviet Union and ex-cons that dream of becoming superstars. So join us every Mondays at 8 pm!

The second project, this time a newer one, is called Fiction Tuesdays. It started just this spring and the aim is to bring interesting and maybe less known movies to your attention – this season we chose six films from the Czechoslovak New Wave. These movies may be a bit uncommon, but that is exactly what makes them stand out. They are cornerstones of the Czechoslovak cinematography, especially in the 60s and 70s. But we went beyond this timeline – the oldest movie of this season was made in 1929 (Erotikon), whereas the most recent one is from 2001 (Alois Nebel). If you want to find out more, come to the Czech Center Bucharest every Tuesdays at 8 pm. Looking forward to seeing you here with us!

And one last thing – there´s a beer waiting for you and it´s on the house (thanks to our sponsor Budweiser Budvar).