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28.02.2018 19:00

Becoming Ann-Christine

At age 57 the Swedish priest Åke decided to show his real self. Åke became Ann-Christine. Åke was working as a priest within the Church of Sweden, living a seemingly normal life with wife and children. But deep down inside he knew that he was somebody completely different. This film is Åke/Ann-Christine’s personal story about coming out as a woman, at the workplace, in the family and in society. It is about sexual identity, prejudice and the longing to be who you really are.

LGBT History Month

LGBT History Month is the human rights culture festival that takes place every year in Romania and in 8 other European countries. At its seventh edition, the festival is an invitation to knowledge, self-knowledge, discovery and celebration of the diversity of LGBT culture and people. The LGBT History Month is composed of all of us because we are the ones who create the history and culture of our community. At the same time, we all form and change through collective culture.


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Strada Ion Ghica 11, Sector 3
30045 Bucuresti


28.02.2018 19:00


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