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31.05.2020 - 21:30

Jazzfruit final - contest for young czech music projects

Jazzfuruit contest is supporting this year for the 11th time young czech music projects. It’s unique in the freedom we give to the artists in choosing what they want to perform. The winners are chosen by the expert jury and the audience as well during the livestream finale and will get a residency at the Czech Centre in Paris.

And who is going to participate in the final round?

KI 木 - Two schoolmates from a highschool in Brno play instrumental music, inspired by nu jazz, classical music and film music.

Point of Few- Instrumental jazz quarter with extraordinarily original and fresh sound, where acoustic instruments mingle with electronic music and other effects.

B/Y Organism - Tries to create unforgetable music textures and strong rythms, using piano, organ, quitar, drums, percussion, electronics, and sometimes balalaika. Inspired by world music, americana, ambient and blues and jazz tradition.

Jay Delver- Captivating melodies, complex creation balancing on the edge of pop catchiness and striking rock. Music composed with precision and sense of detail, trying to bring back the lost art of songwriting.

Expert jury will consist of: Matěj Ruppert (singer, Monkey Business), Naděžda Lhotská (representative of the Czech centres), Lenka Dusilová (singer), Daniel Vojtíšek (musician and moderator), Adam Kaňa (dramaturge of the jazz festival Mladí ladí jazz), Filip Černý (Kytary.cz) a Libor Galia (SoundCzech).

More information at FB event: https://www.facebook.com/events/183408586284770/ 



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31.05.2020 - 21:30


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