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12.07.2020 17:00

Oameni si lupi - la festivalul Pelicam

Exterminați din regiunea Broumov, în Republica Cehă, în urmă cu mai mult de două sute de ani, lupii se întorc încet în zonă, iar asta schimbă total viețile localnicilor. Documentarul urmărește reacțiile contradictorii ale sosirii lor: în timp ce pentru unii, acest eveniment oferă speranța de a face natura mai sănătoasă, alții îi văd doar ca dușmani care ucid animale neajutorate din fermele care nu pot fi protejate în mod eficient. Pot oamenii coexista cu lupii, dar și unul cu celălalt?

Long synopsis:

Two hundred years ago, wolves were exterminated in the Broumov region in the Czech Republic. Now they are coming back. Their reintroduction, like everywhere in Europe, triggers passionate debate between livestock farmers and environmentalists. No sooner had the wolves arrived than they began attacking the herds. The public is divided: on one side, there are farmers and inhabitants who feel threatened and want to get rid of the beasts again. On the other side, some people welcome them as natural predators necessary for restoring the balance of nature. Shall we give up total control over the environment and change our mindset about human safety and property and try to coexist with wolves? Or do we want to protect the livelihoods and interests of cattle breeders, maintaining the status quo? The documentary captures the naturally superb scenery of the local microcosm and moves along the dividing line between the parties involved and shows us a much wider reflection of our society and how we can handle such a fundamental disagreement.

About Martin Páv, the director

Martin received a degree from FAMU in Directing Fiction but soon after he started focusing on documentaries. In his opinion, his experience with directing fiction gives him a big advantage – he puts emphasis on strong, emotion-filled stories as well as powerful audiovisual presentation. His debut film Vote for Kibera won the Audience Award at the Ji.hlava IDFF in 2018. Martin is now studying for his PhD degree at the Institute of International Relations where he dedicates his work to the postcolonial identity of slums and cities in countries belonging to the Global South. The issue of clashing cultures and their mutual influences is one of principal topics which Martin addresses in his work. Another important topic of his is people’s relationship with nature and its impact on the human psyche, which is thoroughly dealt with in his latest film Wolves at the Borders.

Filmography: Vote for Kibera! (2018) – documentary, Ji.hlava IDFF (Audience Award), FIPADOC, One World HRFF, One World HRFF (Special Award), Al Jazeera Balkans

Loc de desfășurare:
online, www.pelicam.ro

12.07.2020 17:00


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