Podcast Jazzman vs spies

  • 11. 02. 2021
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The new Czech centre podcast Jazzmen vs spies - Art as a Secret Weapon of International politics presents the key moments in history when art and culture shaped the diplomacy. Now available on all streaming platforms.

Arts and culture are powerful tools of diplomacy – ranging from Louis Armstrong jazz tours to new Louvre branch in Abu Dhabi. It plays its role also in the Czech foreign policy. New podcast series Jazzman vs. Spies - Arts as a Secret Weapon of International Politics will stress the key moments when culture shaped international relations. The exclusive guests will comment on today’s situation. You will find the podcasts here: http://bit.ly/JazzmanVersusSpioni

The project was coordinated by Česká centra/Czech Centres, Institute of International Studies FSV UK and the Institute of International Relations in Prague.